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OKRoute's SMS Marketing service empowers you to create compelling, automated bulk SMS campaigns that captivate your audience and drive engagement.

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Open Rates

SMS open rates consistently outperform many other communication channels, highlighting the remarkable effectiveness of SMS campaigns in reaching and engaging target audiences.

Open Rates - OKRoute

Business Owners

In 2023, a significant surge in the adoption of SMS marketing was observed among business owners and marketing managers, marking a notable 56% increase from the previous year.

Business Owners using SMS - OKRoute

Messaging Preferences

Consumers consistently prioritize text messaging over various other phone activities, including social media and emails.

SMS Marketing

Harness the Power of SMS

Short Message Service (SMS) is a game-changer in modern marketing. It's a cost-effective tool that offers immediate access to your target audience, whether they're online or offline. With OKRoute's SMS Marketing, you can leverage the potential of SMS to its fullest.

Personalized Engagement

From exclusive coupons to timely discounts and essential notifications, OKRoute's SMS marketing API facilitates seamless communication and fosters deeper connections with your contacts.

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Instant Communication

Deliver your message at the fingertips of your customers with an instant notification.

Opt In / Out

Build your database with qualified existing and potential customers, that want to hear from you!

Build Loyal Customers

Make your customers feel appreciated through a selection of SMS marketing promotions and information.


Bulk sending and sending messages, data, or content to a wide audience worldwide. Smooth integration with our API into your applications and Premium client care.

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With OKRoute's SMS Marketing, you're not just sending messages; you're building meaningful connections that drive results.

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