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By January 10, 2018OKRoute News

Most companies get the two mixed up, let’s simplify them, Customer service is about being reactive and customer experience is being pro-active. While both of them are undoubtedly related they are far from the same thing.

Customer service is judged based on your reaction to a customer, wether they’re being positive, negative, lukewarm, etc. your service standard is solely based on how you respond to the customer.

If you react positively and efficiently towards your customers it obviously improves the customer experience, which is why the two very often get confused.

Customer experience on it’s own is all about the finer details and how you treat your clients along their journey with your brand without the prompt from the client.

Are you making them feel like you care about them? Are you giving them the best offers and experience in comparison to your competitors?

Most importantly are you maintaining that experience and not just giving the best to your new customers and making them feel like you forgot them afterwards?

In such a saturated market such as the gaming industry keeping your users happy is crucial. There are so many options for your clients to choose from that it makes it a lot easier for your competitors to lure your customers away with the promise of a better experience.

Question is, what are you doing to keep your customers loyal to you? 

For example, I go to one specific coffee shop that I am loyal to, On my way there I walk past at least five coffee houses that have coffee that quality wise, is just as good, cheaper & easier to get to. So why do I keep going back to my coffee shop?

Because they remember who I am.

The cafe is presented better and I’m regularly updated via their social media of new coffee blends and happenings in the cafe, making me feel more invested in the brand and in turn, keep me going back time and time again.

The power of social media connects you with thousands of potential new customers, but it also gives you the opportunity to interact with your existing ones.

Once you’ve lost a customer to a competitor it’s not as easy to get them back. Your best user acquisition tool comes from the customers you already have. If you look after your existing customers, the rest will follow.

You can’t give an amazing customer experience through customer service alone. Don’t let the only interaction you have with your customers be when they come to complain, you’ve already started that conversation at a disadvantage.

Five tips to enhance your customer experience:

Segment your marketing:

Start by segmenting your users into those who you think are your VIP clients and those who are not. Collect all the information about your clients and start sending them personalised offers and through the right communication channel.

Be proactive:

Players want to feel in someway valued and feel like their being paid attention to, being attentive to what they enjoy playing, what time they play and what communication tool they prefer builds a strong relationship.

Customer feedback: 

Players want to be heard. Encourage the use of conducting surveys and listen to what your clients are saying. Allow the possibility of sending feedback through your customer service team.

Personalise your customer service interactions:

Ensure that your team has access to your client data, such as Name and other personalised data that will allow your team to give a better customer experience.

Show appreciation:

Showing appreciation to your clients giving them the opportunity to contact you at anytime for anything and give you advice and that you appreciate their business and support.

by Kurt Bonello, CEO & Founder.



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