Facebook Ads Manager

Drive advertising and lead generation success with our unified Facebook ads manager.

Advertising through Facebook allows you to target your identified audience and capture their attention. Connect your Facebook ads manager account with our extensive CRM, giving you access to your fully synced leads, contacts, and created audiences. Through our platform you can easily create new campaigns, build Facebook audiences as well as access a full suite of analytical tools.


Fine-tuned targeting

Find your ideal customers through Facebook’s audience builder based on demographics, behaviours and contact information.

Grab your audience's attention

Stand out in a heavily competitive crowd through eye-catching and flexible adverts.

Measure and optimize

Measure the reach, frequency, targeting and overall success of your advert, and optimize to further connect with your audience.

Application Features

Create and Optimize Facebook Campaigns

OKRoute’s integrated Facebook Ads platform has been specially designed to help you manage your Facebook ads and optimize your campaigns. Easily create and test multiple Facebook ads in a matter of minutes.

Integrated Analytics Tool

Access Facebook’s full list of metrics directly from our platform. Personalize your own dashboard with key metrics that will help you identify your top performing Facebook ads.

Build Facebook Audiences

Build your own custom Facebook audience inside our platform. Sync your Facebook Ads manager account with our CRM software to create various custom audiences.