Email Marketing

Generate new leads and convert them into loyal customers with our easy to use email marketing software.

Why Email Marketing?

As email marketing evolves, personalization and automation are more important than ever to help increase customer retention and grow your revenue. Create your professional looking email marketing campaign and track its success directly on OKRoute.


Target your audience

Tap into the insights of your audience and target your users by segmenting contacts based on their lead status, location and demographics

Measure your success

Evaluate the success of your campaign through key metrics and insights into your customer’s behaviours and interests.

Increase brand recognition

Expose your customers to your brand. Consistently build value through strategic emails, stylish design and targeted content.


Automated Emails

Nurture leads into customers through automated emails. Keep your audience engaged by automating your email marketing campaign delivery dates. Streamlining your process will ensure your customers get the right emails at the right time!

Integrated API

Connect your OKRoute account to your website to help analyze your devised email marketing campaigns and acquire new customers.

Segmented Analytics

Understand and track the performance of your email marketing campaign. Through OKRoute’s advanced reporting system you can view the open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribes and open by location of any email marketing campaign that you run. Use the generated data to optimize and add further success to your next campaign!

Personalized Emails

Achieve better results with personalized emails. Create a personalized customer experience with the right content targeted at the right people. Add relevance to your email marketing campaign by automatically tailoring your text to match the ID of your audience. Customize the look of your email marketing campaign by uploading images and videos.

Email Marketing Templates

OKRoute offers dozens of email marketing templates for your business. Our email builder allows you to choose a template that best suits your message. All of our email templates can be customised to adhere to every aspect of your campaign. Choose your font, font color that matches your brand and import a selection of imagery to help get your message across.